Malvern Festival of Ideas is a multidisciplinary festival taking place in Malvern, Worcestershire. It is a themed weekend of talks, discussion and activities for people of all ages and backgrounds. It builds on the success of the Malvern Science and Faith Weekends, which have expanded in scope since they commenced in 2012. In 2017, the theme was Uncertainty. For 2018, the theme is Conflict.

The 2018 Weekend

The theme for the 2018 Weekend is Conflict and themed sessions explore this topic from different perspectives including Military, Social and Political perspectives. The speakers at the 2018 Malvern Festival of Ideas will address the topic of Conflict from their own standpoints, and the accompanying discussions and activities will allow participants to follow up their own interests within this overall theme.

An important part of the Weekend was the Art and Science Activity Day for children. This year,  it includes a practical history lesson in Viking Longship construction as well as science workshops, demonstrations and art activities..

Refreshments will be available at many of the venues. Buffet lunches must be booked in advance—see event descriptions.

There is no charge for entry to events at the Malvern Festival of Ideas, though there are considerable expenses. We ask at each event for your donations towards those costs.

About us

Malvern Festival of Ideas is part of the charity EngageMalvern (registered charity no. 1175088), with the objects of community capacity building and the advancement of education for the public benefit in Malvern and surrounding areas.

Malvern Festival of Ideas began as

Malvern Science and Faith Weekends in 2012, organised by Holly Mount Church, Malvern.

The 2019 Malvern Festival of Ideas will be 1-3 March 2019.