A key feature of the event is that all sessions are available free of charge to the public, so that no-one is prevented from coming by the cost of a session.

In order to achieve this, we rely on the generosity of many people and organisations. These include

  • Grant making bodies. In the past, Malvern Town Council, County Councillors and other funding bodies have provided support.

  • Attendees. Although all sessions are free, we ask for donations towards costs of the weekend.

  • The venues - these are provided free of charge by the managing bodies.

  • Our speakers. Speakers not funded by other organisations have all reasonable expenses paid. However, their time is usually given freely, for which we are extremely grateful.

  • The organisers and other volunteers who give their time freely.

  • Donors - those who underwrite the cost of the Weekend if expenses exceed income.

If we should make a profit by our donations exceeding expenses, this will be carried forward to the next Weekend.