September-October 2019: Science and Technology Ray

Chemical Wizardy - science based on the lessons of Harry Potter

November-December 2019: Creativity Ray

The Transforming Arts - how the arts are used to make a difference in the world

January-March 2020: Our World Ray

Taiwan - its culture, history, geography, language, food and festivals!

April-May 2020: Philosophy and Religion Ray

Do Pussycats Have Rights? and other Big Questions in Philosophy - a look at some difficult questions

June-July 2020: Service Ray

The Generation Game - a look at some of the problems and benefits of old age

September-October 2020: Science and Technology Ray

The Science of Superheroes - a look at the science and ethics behind superhero powers

November-December 2020: Creativity Ray

World Art - art and art history from different regions of the world - Mexico, Scandinavia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Japan, Australia, North America

December 2020: GameChangers - Science Ray

Robotics and AI - from Machine Intelligence to programming a Raspberry Pi

January-March 2021: Our World Ray

Great Britain and Ireland - geography, wildlife, food, language and education, sport and leisure, song and story, religious communities, people who transformed history.


April-May 2021: Service Ray

Going the Extra Mile for Climate Justice - Earth Day, Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Justice, The Climate Coalition, The Power of Youth to Change the World!

March 2021: GameChangers - Creativity Ray

Biodiversity - creative approaches to the UN Biodiversity Challenge Badge

June 2021: Philosophy and Religion Ray

Nobody Stands Nowhere - where we explore how the culture in which we live and our place in a particular community will always affect how we see ourselves and the rest of the world

March 2021: GameChangers - Activism Ray

Yemen - understanding the crisis in Yemen using material from Oxfam and UNICEF