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As time goes by

Malvern Festival of Ideas 3-5 March 2023

The title for 2023 is As Time Goes By¸ which explores the concept of being a good ancestor as well as examining how we handle the legacies handed down to us. Can we become good ancestors and work towards creating a different future from the trajectory we are on now? How do we handle the legacy handed down to us? What are the issues we need to reconcile ourselves with? How do we see ourselves in the history of life on earth? What are the timescales we should be working to?


Talks and Conversations

New Experiences

Family Programme

Science, philosophy and art for the family


Exploring the Theme

Delving deeper into issues


The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by Festival speakers are solely those of the speakers, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Festival organisers, the Festival suppliers or the Festival sponsors. All speakers are invited in good faith as appropriate contributers to chosen topics for lawful free speech and for questioning by the public.

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